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Prevalence of pesticide resistant insects

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S safeer
Answered Jan 01, 2019

  According to Darwin's concept of natural selection, the organisms which are provided with favourable variations would survive because they are the fittest to face their surrounding while the organisms which are unfit for surrounding variations are destroyed. Prevalence of pesticide resistant insects is due to adaptability of these insects for the changes in environment due to use of pesticides.

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Capture5.JPG Sir/Madam , can you tell me what is the significance of DNA satellite in DNA fingerprinting? Gene in forms of DNA sequence - (Tip): By defining a cistron as a segment of DNA code for a polypeptide, The structural gene in a transcription unit could be said as monocistronic or polycistronic. Functional unit If inheritance located on the DNA Gene in forms of DNA sequence The monocistronic structural gene Types of RNA Functions of types of RNA Process Of Transcription Working of RNA polymerase Termination Transcription In Eukaryotes Splicing Cappinq Tailing Proposition made by George garow Salient features of genetics code Transcription unit Salient features Of genetics code phenylalanine Convention in deferning two strands of the DNA Convention in deferning two strands of the DNA The Promoter The Terminator t' RNA- the adapter molecule Initiator t-RNA Translation

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S safeer
Answered Jan 01, 2019

A DNA satellite is a region that consists of short DNA sequences repeated many times. The variation between individuals in the lengths of their DNA satellites forms the basis of DNA fingerprinting.
DNA satellites are of two types, i.e. microsatellites and minisatellites. Their characteristic that makes them useful for identification is that they are highly polymorphic. The length of each satellite in DNA is inherited.

The length of satellite regions are highly variable between people. These form small peaks during density gradient centrifugation and thus are invaluable for identification purposes.

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In the circuit shown, the current in the 1\Omega resistor is :


  • Option 1)

    1.3 A ,from P to Q

  • Option 2)

    0 A

  • Option 3)

    0.13 A ,from Q to P

  • Option 4)

    0.13 A ,from P to Q


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N Neha Gupta
Answered Dec 12, 2018
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