Wrong Questions in JEE Main April 2019

April 15, 2019 1283 Team EC
Wrong Questions in JEE Main April 2019

10 Questions Claimed Wrong in JEE Main 2019

NTA, the exam conducting authority has released the Question Paper & Answer key on the official website. As per the notification released by the exam conducting authority, candidates can challenge the answer key till 16th April 2019. The final answer key of JEE main April session exam will be releasing soon. If candidates want to challenge the answer key, then they have to submit the document as a proof with a fee of rs .1000 for each question. According to our Entrance360 experts, there could be 10 Questions which were wrong, 7 Questions in Physics2 Questions in Chemistry and 1 Questions in mathematics.

In the January session exam, our entrance360 experts had found out that there were around 13 wrong questions. In the final answer key, it was found that 22 questions were wrong and hence dropped by the NTA in the final answer key of JEE main 2019 January session exam. Moreover, the candidates who attempted these 22 Questions were awarded full marks as a bonus. In this article, we are going to discuss the correct answers of JEE Main exam solved by our experts.

PHYSICS April 9 slot 1- Qid: 41652913781

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No option is matching (most appropriate option is: 41652953903)

Option by NTA is: 41652953904


Solution Below:



PHYSICS April 9, 2019 Slot 2 - QID: 41652912876

Correct Option 3

The option is given by NTA - Option (2)

Solution Below:

According to rules of significant digits, the number of decimal places should remain the same before or after multiplication with a constant.


PHYSICS April 10th, shift 1- QID- 41652913066



Correct Option: 41652951044

NTA Answer Key: 41652913066

Solution Below:


PHYSICS April 8th shift 1- QID- 41652912706

Correct option: Not matching

NTA Answer: 4165294602

Solution Below:


PHYSICS April 8th shift 1- QID: 41652912718


Correct option: Not Matching

NTA Answer: 41652949651

Solution Below:

PHYSICS April 8th, Shift 2

Q-22  QID-41652914697

Correct answer - 41652957566

NTA answer - 41652957568





PHYSICS April 10, 2019 Slot -2:41652914344

Question 8

No option is matching, the question is BONUS

Answer given by NTA is an option(2)


Chemistry, 8th April 2nd SLOT, Question ID: 41652914708

NTA Answer: 41652957611

ANSWER: BONUS (None of the options is correct)


Solution: None of the options is correct



MATHS, 9TH April 2019 - 1 Slot- QID 41652913838


Answer: These question should be Bonus because the question is wrong.

Answer given by NTA is option 41652954132




Physics: April 12th slot 2, Qid: 41652913426

Correct option: 41652952482

NTA option: 41652952484

Solution below :

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