JEE Main 2019 Preparation Tips for April exam

Jan. 11, 2019 428 Team EC
JEE Main 2019 Preparation Tips for April exam


Well, You need to Burn the Midnight oil For This or maybe more than that. Being an Engineer in India is the dream of every second aspiring student. With the total population of India crossing nearly 115 crores, The students who want to be an engineer and bring a change for themselves and their county are increasing at a rapid pace. And if you,  My friend, want to be that change then pull up your socks and get ready to be on a roller coaster journey for the next Three months,Yes You Heard It Right for the next three months you need to be on the same platform doing exactly the same thing with one motto and only one goal To crack one of the toughest exams in India, JEE Mains 2019.

IITs/NITs have become the mecca of Engineering education in India, They not only provide you with quality education but overall development of your personality. The government of India spends a large amount of money in the maintenance of these high-end institutes, they have awesome residential facilities,  New and Innovative lab facilities and recreational activity facilities for the students to keep themselves away from the stress. The faculties present there are the best in India, These institutions have developed amazing industry contacts which tend to give you the best in class job opportunities present.

Prepare with the best course
JEE Main Knockout : Target Jan/April 2019 Start Preparing

Importance of JEE MAINS!

If you aspire to be amongst the most innovative, creative, intelligent, logical and high IQ peer group, you have to study smart and crack the JEE mains exam 2019(April) because you are left with just three months. With only 90 days left in the exam, you have to define your priorities and know what is it that you want from life? Do you want to receive the best undergraduate engineering education provided in your country? Do you want to grow as a leader?

If your answer is Yes! Gear up your and get ready to be in a totally different world for the next 90 days to prepare for JEE mains April Attempt. Be ready to count each and every minute to achieve your goal. You have to set your Goal right and it should be well defined. Your hard work and concentration level should be more than 110%, Focus and only focus on the important concepts. With only 90 days left to prepare for JEE mains April attempt, you have to study very smartly, keeping in mind that hard work has no substitute so anyhow you have to work hard day and night but in a smart and analytical manner.

What is it all about?

In 2018, Around 12 L students Appeared for JEE Main Exam, out of which nearly 2,30,000 qualify for JEE Advanced Exam. You need to prepare at par and with a proper strategy if you’re dreaming to crack the JEE Mains April attempt.

  • JEE Mains have a set of 90 questions in total with 30 each in all the subject i.e. in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • You will be given 4 marks for the correct answer and -1 for every incorrect answer. Choose wisely what to attempt and what not!
  • You can always follow the elimination method to come up with an appropriate answer but for that, you must have proper knowledge and idea about all the concepts mentioned.

Here comes, ENTRANCE 360 for your rescue, we provide you with short concept videos which will definitely help you grasp the concept and make your basics very strong.

IF anybody can do it, YOU can do it too

Have faith in Yourself - You have all the energy and capabilities to achieve whatever you dream for, raise your self-confidence and read more and more motivational quotes. If you are not sure of your goals and your capabilities you will tend to put up a meaningless and half-hearted effort which will not be of any use, Trust me! don't worry stay calm, We can do it, YOU can do it.        

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Students who have appeared for JEE Main 2019 on January 8th shared that the paper was more on the logical side as compared to previous years. Experts from Entrance 360 have analyzed based on the responses of students, that any attempt above 55 questions would be considered good. Also, with percentile being normalized this year, predicting the exact cut off is not possible right now but it would be close to the previous year cut offs. Students who have given the examination found that Physics section was a little tough this time than the two other sections. While some students found two or three mathematics questions of JEE advance level which had a higher difficulty level.

If we talk about the overall analysis of the paper.chemistry was the easiest of all the three sections. Questions were directly asked from the NCERT book itself. Memory-based questions were there,concept-based questions were present.
Physics section was a bit tricky and needed the most attention, the difficulty level was more and they were expecting the student to have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

How to Start the Preparation?

Time Table is the first and foremost thing to focus on, you need you to have a timetable for yourself, A time table which is well maintained and suits you, it should be according to your priority and you must follow it for the next 90 days holistically and strictly. Dreaming and setting impossible goals won’t let you achieve anything my friend, so you better be in reality and start with the preparation NOW!

You have 90 days to prepare for JEE mains so the basic idea should be dividing your time equally for the three subjects.

That is 25 days each for physics, chemistry, and maths. The remaining 15 days you just have to revise, no need to start with any new topic or practice new problems just focus and revise thoroughly whatever you will study during the 75 days. Study hard and start with the easiest things, build your confidence and start moving up to moderate topics gradually. The paper is conducted by NTA from 2019 onwards.

Questions Analysis of JEE Mains 2019!



(formula based)


(application based)


(High order thinking problem)


10-20 %

20-30 %

30-40 %


50-60 %

20-30 %

10-20 %


20-30 %

30-40 %

10-30 %


What to do?

For your convenience, we have divided the set of questions asked in JEE MAINS 2019 in the above mentioned three sections, As You can see In Physics you need more time and better approach as the level of questions were high and Difficult. Understand each and every formula and try doing the derivations yourself, if you have an idea about the derivations in physics no question will be out of your reach my friend. In maths questions were pretty similar to the last year papers but still, you need to give more importance to Geometry and Probability, your focus should be on the green and yellow sections. If you’re able to master the easy and moderate questions you can easily apply your aptitude and knowledge to solve the high order thinking problems. Spending time understanding difficult questions will not be fruitful during this three-month tenure.

The idea should be studying according to the width and not the depth in general for chemistry and maths. For physics, according to the 2019 paper, you just can’t neglect the depth too.

  • Prepare proper timetable considering you have around 30 chapters in chemistry and around 20 chapters each in Mathematics and Physics.
  • A well-structured plan can save time and add to your productivity. Entrance corner knockout series will help you make customized time table according to available time for preparation and help you to crack JEE main.


Time Table!!

Below you’ll find a detailed description and analysis of the topics covered in JEE mains, Concentrate more on the marked topics as they have more weightage and comparatively easier to score if you have practiced well.

  • Start from the very first topic, study the theory using our concept videos and have a look at our question answer solving sessions.
  • Once you’re done with it go to the dashboard and start taking the topic wise test to analyze where you stand., you just cannot neglect NCERTs. Cover the topics from NCERTs

Divide your 24 hours into 5 parts.
Sleep- 6 hours
Study-10 hours
Miscellaneous work(eating/meditation)-4 hours
Revision/Tests-4 hours

  • Take two subjects simultaneously study one in the morning and the other one in the evening, revise and give the test of the same topic at night.
  • You have to maintain and increase your marks gradually by improving on your weak areas.

test series must be attempted in order to

  1. Attempt the JEE mains Level questions and analyze your weak areas.

  2. These tests will give you an opportunity to learn how to take tests in the time limit.

  3. To know your POTENTIAL that how many questions you’re able to attempt.

Go through the key concept

You must not take any of the subjects for granted, because all three subjects have equal marks and each subject is needed to study for qualifying and scoring good in JEE Mains April attempt. You should analyze and choose relevant study material for study and try to concentrate on the concept. Prepare a list of important formula from each chapter. Make a note of the tips for a quick solution to problems. Entrance corner will help you to understand each concept from all the subject since it provides you theory, questions with solutions and video lectures on each important concepts.

Must Follow Tips!

  1. Cover everything at glance in the first place, you should concentrate on all the easy concepts in every subject and you must have a solid grip on them.

  2. Try remembering things at a fast pace, this year it has been noticed that the memory based question in chemistry has been asked more compared to the previous year exams.

  3. Inorganic and organic chemistry were given nearly equal preference in this year’s exam and the maximum question was from the NCERT book.

  4. Inorganic chemistry name reactions and mechanisms were given more importance

  5. Overall chemistry section was easy and just required a through the preparation of all the concepts.

  6. For physics your focus should be more on numerical, this year the paper was mostly numerical based.

  7. Magnetism and mechanics were on bit tougher side this year while electricity current and optics were moderate and given equal preference.

  8. Mathematics section was comparatively easy from the last year but it was a little time to consume.

  9. The questions were mostly asked from Coordinate geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and probability.

  10. Calculus questions were a bit more difficult to attempt, integration was tough.

  11. Complete your syllabus as soon as possible, and then try to solve previous year papers( at least last 15 years). So many questions are coming from previous year question or they just ask questions differently but the concept behind the question is same that of the previous year questions, you can use 34 years by Arihant for practicing the questions and you can also find the question tagged with the respective concept on

  12. Don't waste your time on low weightage chapters, the focus should be on the smart and interactive study.

  13. Try to give as many mock tests as you can, No doubt it will be time-consuming but definitely rewarding.

  14. Revision should be done repeatedly and you should do note making for the important topics, Just keep on revising whatever you study on daily basis.

  15. You should follow a healthy food diet, taking care of your mental and physical health is a must. Try not to take unnecessary pressure and give your best shot

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