JEE Main 2019 Exam Day Guidelines

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 JEE Main 2019 Exam Day Guidelines - JEE Main is going to be conducted in the month of January 2019 and April 2019 in the offline and online mode. National test agency will release JEE Main Application form for April session on 8th Feb 2019 and the last date to fill application form was 7th March 2019, one month is left for the examination so the tension about the paper to crack is running high in the applicant’s mind who wants to get admission in the reputed colleges/universities. The JEE Main exam will be held on 7th April to 12th April 2019. As we have seen most of the applicant totally keeps their focus on last-minute revision and preparation and fails to understand the JEE Exam Day Guidelines, rules, and regulations given by the conducting bodies.

It is important for the applicants to get an over about the rules which helps them to know about the things they can carry in the exam center, Do's or Don’ts for examination. For the convenience of the applicant, we are hereby providing all the information about JEE Main Exam Day Guidelines, rules, regulation, reporting time and details about JEE Main 2019 kit that applicants have to prepare that need to carry to examination center/Hall.

As time plays a vital role in the examination so before proceeding further applicants must aware about the exam timing and full schedule for offline mode as given below:

Prepare with the best course
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Exam timing for Paper-I (B.E./B.Tech.)

Exam timing for Paper-II (B.Arch./B. Planning)


Frisking needed before entry in the Exam center which starts from

7:00 am onwards

12:45 am onwards


Allotment of Test Booklet

9:20 AM

13:50 am


Seal of given Test Booklet to be broken and  take out the Answer Sheet begin from

9:25 AM

13:55 PM


Last entry in the Examination center

9:30 AM

14:00 PM


Exam initiate

9:30 AM

14:00 PM


Exam Wrap up Time

12:30 PM

17:00 PM


What to carry to JEE Main 2019 Exam Centre

Candidates have to carry the following materials with them to the JEE Main 2019 exam centre.

  • JEE Main 2019 Admit Card: It is mandatory to carry Admit Card in the examination center. At least two copies of admit card should be needed in case applicant misplace one so that they have backup to sit in the examination.
  • Identity Proof/Card: Applicants have to carry a valid ID proof such as College/School ID Card, Driving License, Aadhaar Card and Passport. The applicant who has applied for the PWD category need to produce PwD Certificate in the prescribed format for verification purpose during the examination.

JEE Main Exam Day Guidelines for Offline Examination

  1. Applicants have filled the details as per mentioned on the admit cards such as Name of applicant, Paper, Date of Birth, Gender, City, Exam Center Name, State Code of Eligibility and Category.

  2. Examination hall will be open 2 hours prior to the initiation of examination so reach the Exam Centre prior to given time so that you will be aware of the instructions given in the exam center by the coordinators.

  3. Applicant needs to carry their own geometry box having pencils, erasers and color pencils/crayon the one who is appearing for the Aptitude Test in Architecture.

  4. Clear cardboard without any mark will be required for pen and paper-based examination.

  5. Allotment of the seat will be done on the basis of roll number issued so applicants need to sit on allotted seat accordingly. Any exchange of seat or exam center will result in the cancellation of examination.

  6. Reach the exam center 30 minutes prior to the given timing for the exam to avoid any obstacle.

  7. Exam coordinator will be sealed Test Booklet along with an Answer Sheet to each applicant so open it as per the invigilator instruction/order. Use ball pen only to fill the details mentioned in the Test Booklet.

  8. During the examination, Superintendent/Invigilators will instruct the applicant so they should need to obey them strictly.

  9. Any kind of baggage is not permitted inside the examination hall during the examination.

  10. As per the guidelines, applicants are not allowed to carry any textual material, Slide Rules, Calculators, Log Tables, printed or written material, Electronic Watches, mobile phone, bits of papers, pager, etc. In any case, the applicant is found with any item mentioned above then the current examination will be canceled & the equipment will be seized from that applicant and he/she will also be disqualified for future examination(s).

  11. After the examination, the applicants cannot leave the exam halls without the consent of invigilator & Centre superintendent.

  12. Habits like Smoking & eating are prohibited in the exam halls/centers.

Applicants as diabetic patients are allowed to carry items like sugar tablets, transparent water bottle, and fruits (like apple/ banana/orange) into the exam hall as packed items like chocolate or candy or sandwich are not allowed.

JEE Main Exam Day Guidelines for Online examination (CBT)

  1. The applicant is not allowed to carry items like books, cap, hooded clothes, sunglasses, geometry box, calculators, watch, laptop, wallet, etc..

  2. Applicants have to log in to the assigned computer by fill the details as user id and password.
  3. The applicant can also change the language of instructions from English to Hindi as per their convenience and applicants need to read the instruction carefully for further processing.
  4. For online examination, the applicant can change the language of question from English to Hindi accordingly and can submit the answer of each question by using the mouse cursor to mark.
  5. Time left in the examination will also display on the screen to complete the examination accordingly.
  6. Description of each answer will display like Green for a marked question, Red for the unmarked question, Grey for questions not visible,  Violet with the * sign for a reviewed question along with answers for evaluation, Violet without a sign for reviewed questions.
  7. During the examination applicant change their request for answers but as examination over all the answer will be auto-submitted by the system.

JEE Main 2019 Question  Booklet & OMR Sheet- Candidates appearing for JEE Main 2019 in the offline mode must keep a note about the following points about the JEE Main 2019 OMR sheet.

  • Ten minutes prior to the commencement of the exam, candidates will be given a sealed test booklet with an answer sheet placed inside it
  • After receiving the test booklet, candidates have to fill in the required particulars on the cover page of the test booklet with blue/black ball point pen.
  • Five minutes before the commencement of the paper, candidates will be asked to open the seal of the test booklet. The answer sheet will be inside the booklet.
  • The candidates should also verify the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of any variation, the Test Booklet and OMR sheet should be immediately returned to the invigilator for the replacement
  • Candidates must ensure to write particulars with blue/black ball point pen on both the sides of the answer sheet.
  • Candidates must not remove any pages from the test booklet. Candidates found involved in such activities will be liable for criminal action

How to mark responses in JEE Main 2019 OMR answer sheet?

While marking the response in the OMR sheet, candidates must keep the following points in mind:

  • Out of the four alternatives for each question, candidates must darken only one circle for the correct answer.
  • Candidates must use blue/black ball point pen to mark their responses in the answer booklet. The marked responses should be dark and completely fill the circle. Use of pencil in marking the response is strictly prohibited.
  • A lightly or faintly darkened circle will be considered as a wrong method of marking and it will be rejected by the optical scanner during the evaluation process.
  • Candidates must be careful at the time of marking the response as once marked, it cannot be changed. Also, the use of eraser or whitener on the answer sheet is not permissible.
  • Candidates are not allowed to do any rough work on the answer sheet. The rough work must be done in the test booklet.

Check Question Paper Medium

Candidates appearing for JEE Main 2019 must check the medium of paper provided to them as per the language is chosen by them at the time of applying. If the question paper is in a language other than the medium selected by the candidates, it should immediately be brought to the notice of the invigilator.

Occupy The Allotted Seat

At the exam centre, candidates will be allocated a seat indicating their roll numbers. Candidates must only occupy the seat allotted to them. If any student is found to have changed the room or the seat, he/she will be debarred from the examination.

Do’s and Don’ts for JEE Main 2019

As per the guidelines, applicants need to follow the JEE Exam Day Guidelines need for further proceeding. There are some important things that every applicant should need to keep in their mind as they enter the exam center. The foremost thing is to be calm and relaxed as it will overcome your exam stress even during your exam preparation. Applicants have to be focused on their goals. Some are basic etiquette that every applicant should need to follow when they are in the exam center as given below:

  • Make Silence: Silence plays the vital role in better exam result. Try to be silent and avoid any kind of conversation, noise, and disturbance. If everyone will be silent when the applicants don’t get distracted by any conversation and disturbance and it keeps them focused on the examination.

  • Don’t carry Prohibited Items:  Be aware of the prohibited items in the exam center if any applicant found to be carrying any kind of unfair means then he/she will be disqualified from the exam and also cause to the cancellation of candidature for a future examination so ready the JEE Exam Day Guidelines carefully.

  • Admit Card is Mandatory: As admit card play a vital role in the exam. An applicant is not allowed to sit in the exam without admit card don’t forget to carry your admit card to an exam centre

  • Follow the Instructions: Read and obey JEE Exam Day Guidelines given by the invigilator or on the exam paper.

  • Provide the Correct Information: Applicant should need to be careful while filling the roll number, test booklet code, and answer sheet number. As incorrect submission cause problem in accessing the answer sheet that leads to inappropriate result later on.

  • Latecomers not allowed: Applicants have to report 1 hour prior to the given time to the exam center as the hall/center will open 2 hours before exam commences for frisking. Don’t be late to miss any instruction given during examination.

  • Do not leave center without permission: Applicant has to take permission from the Superintendent/invigilator to leave the examination hall after completing the exam.


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