JEE Main 2019 January Analysis

Jan. 16, 2019 380 Team EC
JEE Main 2019 January Analysis

Importance of Exam Analysis

The purpose of exam analysis is to learn to evaluate the important learning strategies with an eye of improving your performance in future exams. It is an important tool in both ways for all those students who are preparing for competitive exams and as well as for those who have already given their exam. As a student, you will understand why it is important to review the exam given and will be more strategic in how to study and prepare for the exams based on the information you gather from reviewing it.

So, now that you understand its importance, we’re going to take a few minutes to learn what you want to look for when reviewing your exam. You would go through the questions and write down the answers. What questions did you get right? What did you get wrong etc.? Really take a detailed look at the given exam. Go through question by question and figure out why you got questions right or wrong.

If you have scored 100% which means you aced it, then look over things you did well so you can use them again and can repeat your performance down the road. Even if you are doing well in exams, you must understand WHY so that you can keep doing it. Also, on the other hand, if you have done some questions wrong, you MUST know the reason behind it i.e. your weakness graph, and start aligning your all energies to improve on it.  

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Available Now: JEE Main 2019 Official Answer Key 

Analyze your JEE mains 2019 Now -  in order to assess yourself, you need to put the "Question Paper and Response sheet " provided by National Test Agency.


How are we going to help you?

In this article, you will find JEE Main 2019 analysis for all the eight slots. As you know that NTA has released the answer key, hopefully, you have performed well in your examination but in case you are not sure about your performance and want to check your score or you want to know how you can improve your performance, this analysis will help you to find out the solution of your problem.

It will help you find the areas of improvement and you can start your preparation accordingly for next session exam i.e. for April. Our analysis will give you the overall score, subject wise score, areas of improvement and detailed video solutions. By going through the same,  you will understand on which section you need to focus more since that is certainly going to be asked in the next examination.

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