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JEE Main 2015 Mock Test will allow the candidates to practice for JEE Main 2015 Online Exam. By giving the mock tests, they can understand dynamics of the exam in a better way and get confident about attempting computer based test. You can use the mock test to understand all the instructions, procedure of giving answers, and marking options etc. CBSE will set a facility to attempt the mock test on its official website. Read the following article for complete details on mock test, the procedure involved.

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Process of Online Mock Exam 

  • Mock exam starts with a login window.
  • You would have to enter JEE Main 2015 roll number and chosen password.
  • Sign in after filling the details. 

General Instructions For the JEE Main 2015 Mock Test

  • There shall be 180 minutes in total to attempt the exam.
  • Clock is set at server and would co-ordinate in real time.
  • You can see the reverse timer in the corner of the screen.
  • It will display the time remaining for the exam.
  • Question palette would mention the number and status of the questions.

Question palette

  1. You have not visited the question yet.
  2. You have not answered the question.
  3. You have answered the question.
  4. You have NOT answered the question, but have marked the question for review.
  5. You have answered the question, but marked it for review.

If your answer is selected for review, it would be considered in final evaluation.

JEE Main 2015 Mock Test – Navigating in questions

  • To select a question for answering, you can either click question number on the palette and visit that question directly OR you can click on save and next to answer the present question and visit next in sequence OR you can click for review and next to save answer to current question, mark it for review and visit next question in sequence.
  • Visiting the question directly would not save the answer.
  • For saving the answer, click save and next OR mark for review and next.
  • You can see the entire question paper by clicking question paper button.

Answering questions in JEE Main 2015 mock test

Multiple Choice Questions

  • Select the answer by clicking any option button.
  • To change the answer, click on another option button.
  • To save the answer, click save and next.
  • To deselect the answer and clear the answer, press clear response button.
  • To mark the option for review, click mark for review and next.

Numerical Answer Question

  • Enter your answer using the virtual numerical keypad.
  • Fraction must be entered as an answer. ¼ should be written as 0.25.

JEE Main 2015 Mock Test – Navigating thru sections

  • Sections in the paper would be displayed on the top bar of the screen.
  • Questions in the section can be seen by clicking the section name.
  • Current section is highlighted in color.
  • On pressing save and next button of last question, candidates would be sent to next section automatically.
  • You can hover the mouse cursor over the section names to check the status of the questions.
  • Shuffling of sections and questions can be done at any time and for any number.

General Instructions

  • Choose the default language of the exam in the beginning.
  • Language can be changed for a particular question anytime.
  • You would have to check a disclaimer as well.
  • It is necessary to check the box given and click on “I am Ready to Begin” to begin.
  • You can check the profile by clicking the profile button on the right hand screen.
  • JEE Main 2015 roll number, name, date of birth, email and contact number will be seen on the screen.

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