About Us

Entrance360.com started in April 2009, enables students to build an informed career through an integrated and seamless platform that offers Counselling, Collaboration, Resources and Information at different phases of student lifecycle.

There are myriad of career choices before a student at different stages of student life. They always face questions like Why? How? Where? What? Who? about the different academic careers at various stages of their academic career. Within each career, there are again different set of choices in terms of courses, institutes, degrees, locations etc. The answers to such questions are often unavailable to most students at right time and place. Thus, most of the times, decisions are based on gut feel, influence from peers, unstructured information & uniformed choices.

Entrance360.com is owned by Edukriti Learning Solutions Pvt. Ptd. having its office in Delhi.

In 2015 Edukriti Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was acquired by Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd. (Careers360 group).

Entrance360 provides you with the access of structured information at right time and place about careers, exams, colleges/school profiles, admission processes, results, coaching, tutors, books, news, alerts, scholarships etc.